Unpleased Fiancée

So yesterday after much thought I decided to go to my local camera shop and pick up the Sigma 30mm 2.8 for use with my Olympus OMD M10 Mk2. I mainly wanted this lens as it was a fast prime, perfect for a few projects I really want to try and do (involving taking portraits) so this would fit perfectly and was also quite cheap (£120).

Much to my disappoint, the shop didn’t have that lens in stock, so as a sad fox, I resigned and thought about going online for it, when the assistant said that they had the new replacement to it, the 30mm 1.4, I agreed to have a look, and fell in love. It was light (about 140 grams), fast at focusing and was a 1.4 so it was perfect for what I needed it for. With the added bonus of it being from Sigmas Art Line of lenses. So after some debate on the price, it only set me back by about £180,  a right steal.

Heres a few photos I took to test it out at home, much to the disappointment and displeased Fiancée.
P7070004 P7070009Lens: Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN (Amazon link)

Camera: Olympus OMD M10 Mk2 (Amazon Link)

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