While browsing twitter this hashtag cought my eye and I quickly joined in to share my experiences with the local crisis team. My local trust hasn’t got the best history (has been under investigation a few times), I had so much to say and quite a few people replied to them saying they were quite shocked by them.

A few of my examples included:

‘Have you got a boyfriend who could look after you? No, I’m a lesbian ‘Oh could that be making you depressed? #crisisteamfail

‘Have you tried going for a walk at all?’ Me: it’s 11pm, dark, rainy and I’m a lone female of course I haven’t tried that #crisisteamfail

‘If you were really sucidal you wouldn’t be calling us, would you?  #crisisteamfail

Scared of being alone with men, asked for females to visit, promised yes… Team sent a pair of men, promptly freak out #crisisteamfail

You can search for this on twitter and see everyone’s tweets on it and people seem to be saying the same thing, they’re not being listened to by the teams or advice being given feels to be useless. It shows that there should be change in the services. Hopefully trusts take note and involve service users more on what they’re needs are and also what works for them when in crisis.

There was also a #crisisteamwishlist where people were talking about how they wish to be treated or services offered, most common theme was to be listened to.

Let’s remember there are some great workers out there, who do help, do treat you as a person and not as a case, do listen and at times do go out of their way.

This is badly writton, and when I have more time I will add to it.

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The hidden extent of suicide attempts in Young trans people

While browsing the web today I come across some shocking numbers about suicide attempts among young trans people (16 to 26 year olds).

According to these numbers 48% of trans people who were under the age of 26 said they have attempted suicide and 30% said they have attempted suicide in the last year. Also 59% of trans youth said they had considered it.

The research also found that 59% of young transgender people said they had deliberately hurt themselves, compared with 8.9% of all 16 to 24 year olds.

If you compare this to the numbers by the Adult Psychiatry Morbidity Survey (6% of 16 to 24 year olds who have attempted suicide) there’s a massive different this can come down to many different reasons such as but not limited to; being disowned by family, being bullied because of their gender identity or down to lack of support from local mental health services but this is improving with the help of charity’s such as Gender Intelligence or Mermaids UK

This research was carried out by Pace (a mental health charity for LGBT people) with The Brunel University, University of Worcester and the London South Bank University. It involved asking over 2,000 over the space of four years (2010 to 2014)

If you have been effected by anything on here and need to speak to someone you can contact the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 08457 909090

Or in the USA

Suicide Prevention lifeline on 18002738255

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