Stonewall now campaigning on trans* rights


Whether we’re challenging bullying in our schools, tackling hate crime on our streets or working to make our public services truly equal for users, we have a responsibility to use our voice and share our 25 years of experience

In a quite historic move from the previously LGB charity Stonewall They said that from today they will campaign for Lesbian, gay and bisexual and trans equality and rights.

Stonewall has spent the last number of months meeting over 700 different trans* people respercenting as much as the spectrum as possible. As a result of this they come up with a report outlining out lining about making current and to also develop new ones on trans issues and also about training.

Now we can’t forget that in the past Stonewall have made some massive mistakes such as working with Paddy power after their transphobic TV advert for lady’s day at Cheltenham races (which was later banned by the ASA) but they have apologised for this and stated that they wanted to start a consultation to look at the most effective ways of working together.

To find out more read their report: Trans people and Stonewall


Pink News: Article

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Being blocked…


Over the past month I’ve been in constant battle with the 3 network in the UK about them filtering my blog because of ‘Adult’ content… But they weren’t the only ones (Vodafone, O2 and Sky) but these networks and providers quickly unblocked it after I pointed it out.

Now I’m not after website traffic or anything but it’s a point to make to them that it’s censorship of free speech but also stopping people finding figures and info about LGBT and personal mental health experiences.

Now 3 briefly unblocked my website only to only to reblock this week (as you can see from the photo).

Now this sort of thing is part of a bigger problem, the UK government is promoting filters (and making ISP’s) to prevent children and young people from seeing content that is supposed to be for over 18’s, such pornography, alcohol, smoking, pro-anorexia and hate speech.

These filters block many more websites that are not harmful to children. Sometimes innocent websites and blogs get caught up (like Pink News). I’ve also heard and seen evidence of others (sexual health, lgbt information, domestic abuse help sites ext)

Looking at, they’ve taken the top 100,000 websites (according to Alxea) and published how many sites were blocked by default. Here’s the results:

BT-Light: 0
BT-Moderate: 3852
BT-Strict: 6876
EE: 1596
O2: 4786
Plus net: 4940
Sky filter default: 0
TalkTalk Kidsafe: 7020
TalkTalk Strict: 5653
Three: 12982
VirginMedia: 5103
Vodafone: 4441

Out of all the mobile networks Three were the worst and the main ISP’S it was TalkTalk Kidsafe… Wonder how many Inccent websites were quite up?

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