Stay classy local Women of my town

So tonight I got asked to work the door of a local pub in the busy town of Swine town, I normally say no to this sort of thing (mainly as it’s a lot of hassle) but I needed the money for Christmas. So I agreed to do the shift.

Fast forward two hours…

I’m cold, wet and some drunk has knocked over my coffee and stole my biscuits but it’s been drama free so far… Then out of nowhere this woman turns up looks stright at me, it’s just obervoies she’s had way to much to drink and she says the words no door supervisor wants to hear ‘I’ve done a wee!’ Me and the head doorman look at each other… ‘I’ve left a big puddle and a trail’ said while smiling and looking rather pleased with herself… I looked at my head doorman in some hope he says something but all he can say is ‘lovely are you pleased with yourself?’ ‘Yes I am!! I’m getting my taxi now bye’ as she left all I could say was ‘As always Swine Town, stay Classy’

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