Projects that That Fox runs

That Fox is quite involved with a few different projects that are based around mental health campaigning and also Lesbian, gay, bisexual and Transgender issues.

That Fox can also be found on different websites around the web writing on these issues

Here’s a few links to what I’m involved with helping with or have been published on.

Everyday Transphobia: A project to raise awareness of Transphobia that Trans* people face everyday whether that’s in person, in the media or on social networks. It can be found here: Facebook Page and Twitter

Reading FC LGBT Supporters Group: This was started back in 2014 when I noticed that the club didn’t have any kind of support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual  or Transgender fans. This mainly works with either the club or fans to raise awareness of homophobia/transphobia in football and also in the stands. It can be found mainly here on twitter: Twitter

Mind Our Minds: This is a soon to be charity that campaigns about Mental Health with the aim to make sure that people in the UK are provided with mental health services that are of good quality along with many more aims. I currently help out with Mind Our Minds as a Trustee and an admin on their Facebook group. Mind Our Minds can be found at: Facebook GroupFacebook Page and their Twitter

The Minifigs: This is a website where I sell custom Lego mini-figures, because hey, who doesn’t not like Lego? It can be found in the following places: Online StoreTwitterFacebook

That Fox has been published on the following websites and newspapers:

The Mighty: When I Was Taken to the Police Station for Being Suicidal (Wrote)

The Mighty: Promise You Will Remind Yourself This Every Day (Wrote)

The Mighty: 6 Things I Wish People Knew About My Eating Disorder (Wrote)

The Mighty: Christmas Time With Anorexia (Wrote)

DailyDot: I’m on #Samaritans Radar and I wished someone had asked first (Quoted)

Bipolar UK: Bipolar Awareness Day 2015 (Quoted)

Sputnik news: Enough is Enough! Report Reveals UK Rife With Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Quoted)






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