Unpleased Fiancée

So yesterday after much thought I decided to go to my local camera shop and pick up the Sigma 30mm 2.8 for use with my Olympus OMD M10 Mk2. I mainly wanted this lens as it was a fast prime, perfect for a few projects I really want to try and do (involving taking portraits) so this would fit perfectly and was also quite cheap (£120).

Much to my disappoint, the shop didn’t have that lens in stock, so as a sad fox, I resigned and thought about going online for it, when the assistant said that they had the new replacement to it, the 30mm 1.4, I agreed to have a look, and fell in love. It was light (about 140 grams), fast at focusing and was a 1.4 so it was perfect for what I needed it for. With the added bonus of it being from Sigmas Art Line of lenses. So after some debate on the price, it only set me back by about £180,  a right steal.

Heres a few photos I took to test it out at home, much to the disappointment and displeased Fiancée.
P7070004 P7070009Lens: Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN (Amazon link)

Camera: Olympus OMD M10 Mk2 (Amazon Link)

Trying to repair a 1930’s Violet Wand

Now I’m quite a fan of all things old and shiny, but also sometimes a fan of collecting old and unusual things from online auction houses much to the dismay from my wife to be. While traveling in the car I spotted a vintage Trojan Violet Wand dating back to 1930’s being sold for only £60 as a spares or repairs job. Now these devices are really well known in the BDSM scene and are also collectors items. I thought ‘why not, it be a fun project to restore and maybe sell’. Fully restored ones can go for at least £300/£400 depending on the name, the items that come with it and also how well its been restored.

On a first look, the case and the unit look really well condition, almost too well so not being a idiot,, me and a friend decided to take the power unit apart to see about the wires but also to understand the unit a bit more.


This shows the main switch to select between the 110 volts and 240 volts, but also the main coil. The wires all need rewiring, the solder needing redoing, basicly anything that can come off or looks like it might kill someone needs redoing.



We attached an old microwave cap to replace the old one on the unit as we didn’t trust it. After a quick power up, it started clicking but not making the wand attachment glow. The cap we replaced was rated as ‘0.18uf 2500 volts’ so quite a beast. We think either that the mircowave cap was too highly rated or the coils were broken.

So now it’s back to the interwebs to try and find a cap rated for this, replace it again, test, hope its the cap, if not its going to be a pain to recoil the main unit and then the handle.

If you know any history on this unit or the fixing of wands, get in touch.