How strong is Steve from Minecraft?

In Minecraft you play as the chacter Steve (well unless you reskin him), and out of curiosity I decided to try and work out how strong he really is. 

So in the game you have 36 slots and in each slot you can carry 64 items. So the heaviest real world item I could find was gold. A cubic meter of this would weigh the best part of 19300kg and each slot can carry 64 of these and you have 36 slots, this of which would total out at around 44.467 million Kgs of gold. 

So in the game each block is made of 9 gold ignets, so based on that each ignet would weigh 2144kg. 

Now that’s a lot of gold to be carrying around on him. 

But yes I am forgetting that you can also make gold armour in the game. Right so a full set of gold armour needs (from memory) 24 ingets presuming there’s nothing lost during making it. This would weigh in at 51466kg… Now that’s weighty. 

Including the back pocket full of gold and the armour, this would be 44.519 million Kgs of gold… 

So cash for gold anyone? 

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