Fallout Perks Timelapse on a HPC LS6840 PRO Lasercutter

So the local Makerspace (Swindon Makerspace) have recently had a HPC LS6840 PRO Laser Cutter on loan from the cool people over at Reprap Ltd, so after many questions (I really don’t fancy breaking a cutter worth a few thousand pounds), I got brave and loaded up the software and loaded up a vector of all the main pip boy perks from the Fallout world and set the cutter going, nearly three hours later, I got this….

Fallout Perks Laser engravement

Not bad going at all, maybe a little bit deep, could have put the speed up a bit as well, but for a first attempt, I  can’t complain.

The time-lapse at the top was shot on using a GoPro Hero 3 +  with around 1400 photos, with one photo every five seconds.


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