Dear Crisis Team

         Crisis Team

As a user I don’t ask for much when phoning, just some body to answer and not a answer phone message, a listening voice, someone who could give some helpful advice and some support (maybe a face to face meeting) and insight into why I’m calling.

Some things I don’t ask for when I’m calling; someone who paterties me, tells me to make a cup of tea or have a bath or maybe to have a walk (esp at night and being vunenble). I can accept that these can be a good distraction and work for some peoole but have also you thought that I may of tried these and that’s why I’m calling?

I could also be calling because I’m suicidal, listen, help, don’t pass me off and don’t threaten me with the police (unless I’m really in danger to myself I.e on top of a car park)…

I don’t ask for much just that all I ask for is to be treated as person as a human being who just happens to be having a bad time.

Would you tell your best friend, your brother or your sister in crisis to make a cup of tea? Have a bath? Go for a walk?

So crisis team, that’s all I ask for, its not much is it?

A service user

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