Twitter: 140 Characters to 280 characters work around

So while tweeting on my photography account on twitter, I noticed that it had the new 280 character limit, with excitement I checked my personal one bit sadly still 140 character limit.

Being the geeky type I thought I’ll have a poke around and come across a really simple work around that let’s you tweet with the 280 characters even if your account only let’s you use the 140 characters limit and this is without any code at all.

Here’s the simple steps:

1. Make sure you open send new tweet on your 280 character account.

2. Write your tweet

3. In the change who you send your tweet as part, select any other account you have that doesn’t have the new 280 character limit.

4. And now send your tweet… Simple

I have tested this the other way round, it it doesn’t work unfortunately as it sees the 280 character account as a 140 one (or something like that).

I tested this on an Android device (OnePlus 5 8GB 128GB version running Android 7.1.1 (normal Oneplus Stock ROM), so it will be interesting to see if anyone with a iOS device can do the same.

Update: A couple of people have let me know that this doesn’t work on iOS and gives the error of ‘Failed to send tweet’



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Stay classy local Women of my town

So tonight I got asked to work the door of a local pub in the busy town of Swine town, I normally say no to this sort of thing (mainly as it’s a lot of hassle) but I needed the money for Christmas. So I agreed to do the shift.

Fast forward two hours…

I’m cold, wet and some drunk has knocked over my coffee and stole my biscuits but it’s been drama free so far… Then out of nowhere this woman turns up looks stright at me, it’s just obervoies she’s had way to much to drink and she says the words no door supervisor wants to hear ‘I’ve done a wee!’ Me and the head doorman look at each other… ‘I’ve left a big puddle and a trail’ said while smiling and looking rather pleased with herself… I looked at my head doorman in some hope he says something but all he can say is ‘lovely are you pleased with yourself?’ ‘Yes I am!! I’m getting my taxi now bye’ as she left all I could say was ‘As always Swine Town, stay Classy’

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